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  • What makes you different from Airbnb, VRBO, and other similar sites?
    These sites are known as online marketplaces or listing sites for short-term rentals. You are still responsible for photography, staging, listing creation, handling guest inquiries, handling guest check ins/check out, coordinating housekeeping, and everything in between. GoTell Getaways is a vacation rental management company, so we can handle all of this on behalf of our owners. We actually leverage the popularity of these online marketplaces by listing your property on these sites as well.
  • What makes you different from other STR management companies?
    We have done extensive research into our competitors including mystery shopping. We won't mention them by name but there were many (including well known names in the industry) that advertised a very low management fee and throw around a lot of catchy phrases and basic information without fully disclosing what that fee includes or doesn't include. What doesn't it include? Usually significant things that we, at GoTell Getaways do. That's why we believe in transparency and breakdown our services on our plans & pricing page. Don't take our word for it. Feel free to use our list of services and ask any other company if they include those services in their fee and if they don't, find out how much more they charge and those fees will quickly add up. Two of the most common things we found that we include that others do not are replacement of toiletries and vendor management. Yes, most will replace your toiletries but will bill you for it. And yes, many companies will also handle maintenance requests and coordinate vendors but many companies wanted to charge a 10-20% mark up or what some call a supervisory fee. It almost defeats the purpose of why you wanted to hire a management company to begin with. Finally, we offer a pay-per-booking model so you are only charged when your property is booked and don't have to pay when it's not. We also have a straightforward satisfaction guarantee with no fine print. Cancel anytime, for any reason.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    We are very confident we will be able to earn your long-term business, that we won't lock you into an ironclad contract. Although you will be asked to sign a management agreement just so that our terms and responsibilities are clear, you can cancel at any time, with 30 days’ notice. We’ll just need to honor any reservations that are already booked at your home for that 30-day window.
  • What areas do you manage?
    The homes we manage are located in hot travel destinations and remote locations where guests can escape throughout the US. These areas include locations like Miami, Atlanta, New York, California, and beyond. Regardless of where your properties are located, we assign a local property manager, who is a local market expert and can make themselves physically available when needed.
  • How are you ensuring Short-Term Rental Compliance with local laws or HOA's?
    If you select our full-service or stress-free plan, we do an initial investigation during set up to ensure compliance. However, we know local laws and HOA regulations are constantly changing so we have a research team that monitors local ordinances and they also obtain and review community bylaws after each annual meeting to identify any changes to STR regulations.
  • What is the difference between co-hosting, full-service, and stress-free plans?
    Co-hosting is best for owners with more time to manage their own properties and just need a little administrative help such as answering inquiries, screening and approving guests, handling guest complaints, scheduling maintenance, updating multiple listing calendars, and editing listings as needed. The Full Service and Stress-Free Plans are better for owners who want to be more hands-off and just watch their profits come in. We take charge of ensuring your property is consistently booked and for the highest rates possible. We handle tasks like obtaining proper licenses & permits, listing creation, photography, pricing, guest communication, cleaning, maintenance, and even handling guest complaints or issues. The only three differences between the Stress-Free Plan versus the Full Service plan is that under the stress-free plan, we can also handle staging, utility payments, and give you 10% off additional services like coaching and project management. Check out our plans & pricing page for a full breakdown of services.
  • How long will it take to get my property up and running?
    If you already have your properties set up as vacation rentals then the process can take just a few days. We would still complete a market analysis to ensure it is appropriately price, review/edit your listing and photos to increase marketability, set up remote access, and set up a local housekeeper and property inspector to take care of the properties between checkouts. If you are not yet set up as a vacation rental a little more work will be needed such as conducting a physical walk-through, staging/rearranging furniture, upgrading linens (if necessary), taking professional photos, etc. This may take 1-2 weeks or more if city/county permits or HOA approval is needed.
  • What websites do you list my property on?
    Since we are a management company versus a listing platform, not many people are searching on GoTell Getaways. However, just like other management companies, we use OTA's like Airbnb, VRBO, etc to make your property visible to their global audience. Here are some of the sites we have partnered with:
  • Can I get a discount on the management fee if I have multiple properties?
    If you have attempted to manage your own vacation rentals then you know how much time it takes to manage each listing, inquiries, and guest issues related to each property. The workload does not decrease but rather multiples with each property so no there is no discount but we welcome you to compare our services to other management companies and you will find we include many services that other companies may nickel and dime you for like assisting with licenses and permits, working with your HOA, handling photography, providing toiletries & essentials, laundry services, and so much more. Additionally, we charge a per booking rate which means we only earn when you do, keeping us motivated to work hard to ensure you get bookings. They say work hard, play hard. Well, we work hard so you can sit back, relax, and watch your profits grow.
  • What do I need for insurance?
    Although many of the OTA's we use include their own insurance of up to $1 million, we still recommend obtaining your own short-term rental insurance to ensure you have the right coverage to protect you against major damages like fires, major plumbing repairs, etc. Nowadays many homeowners insurance companies like Allstate, Progressive, and Nationwide do offer STR Insurance but if your insurance company does not, no need to fret. Here are some third party companies you can look into: Insuraguest, CBIZ, and Proper Insurance. *We are not affiliated with an of these companies nor receive any compensation for recommendations*
  • Can I clean myself or hire my own cleaners?
    In order to protect the health and safety of guests, we require professional cleaning services to ensure the property is properly cleaned and disinfected before the next guest's arrival. However, we are more than happy to work with your professional cleaners. Just give us their information so we can vet them. The only exception to this rule is when you or personal guests stay in the property and are conducting routine cleaning throughout your stay. It is still required to be professionally cleaned by one of our approved vendors after check out.
  • How do you determine nightly rates? Do you adjust rates?
    If the price is too low and you may be losing on a lot of revenue and price it too high and you may end up with high vacancy rates. A market analysis will be conducted to determine the initial rate based on comparable homes and your property features. We also use software that tracks this data so we can adjust pricing as needed based on market or seasonal changes. That way you never miss out of profits.
  • When/How do I receive funds?
    We begin our monthly close outs the first business day of each month. Statements and payment distributions are usually processed by the 10th (some delays may occur if there is a Holiday). You will receive payments for all bookings completed during the prior month minus management fees and any expenses paid by us on behalf of the owner such us emergency repairs, extra cleaning fees requested by owner, utility payments (if you opt in), etc. ACH payments are preferred but we can also process via Zelle.
  • What if I need my funds sooner?
    If you need your funds sooner it's no problem. Just send a message to your property manager with your request. Please note it can still take 2-3 business days to process your request and we will only be able to pay out any income (minus expenses) for bookings completed more than 5 days prior to processing. For example, you contact us on the January 15th requesting early pay out. There was 1 guest who stayed 12/31-1/3, guest 2 stayed on 1/3-1/8, and guest 3 booked for 1/8-1/11. You will receive funds for guests 1 and 2 but not the 3rd guest. Additionally there is a $25 administrative fee charged each time early payout is processed.
  • Can I be a listed as a co-host?
    If you select the co-host plan, you will add us as a co-host as we will only be handling administrative tasks. However, if you select full-service or stress-free plans, no. As a professional management company, we need to ensure that all listings and communications are professional and free of any ADA or fair housing violations. However, you will be provided with links to all of your listings across all platforms.
  • What if I want to review inquiries and handle the approval/denial of guests myself?
    Under the co-hosting plan, you have access to inquiries and can approve/deny them as you see fit. However, under full-service or stress-free plans, we handling screening and approving guests. As a professional management company we need to ensure we are not violating any ADA or Fair housing laws. Part of this is ensuring all messages are professional, don't violate any laws, and that everyone is screened in the same manner. We also take our job as your property manager seriously and like you want to ensure only quality applicants are approved. We do this by making sure they are verified, checking reviews, and collecting funds up front. Generally, anyone with less than 4 stars and recent or excessive negative reviews such as left damages, had physical altercations, or disrespectful towards hosts result in automatic denial. We also have a strict cancellation policy to avoid non-serious inquiries. If they do not meet our minimum criteria but also do not fall under the automatic denial category, we will reach out to you to make a final decision.
  • How do you handle damages caused by guests?
    We have found that excessive damages or misuse of property is very rare. However, we take even the smallest of damages seriously such as scuffed paint, broken fixtures, excessive trash left behind, etc. Our property inspectors, check every property after each check out. If any damages are found, they will report to the property manager who will handle the claim to collect funds from the guests. In the event the guests refuse to pay, we will file an official claim with the appropriate OTA they booked on such as Airbnb. In the rare occasion we cannot reach a resolution or damages are too excessive we will assist you with filing an official insurance claim.
  • Can I or personal guests stay in my property?
    Of course! Just let us know the dates you are interested in and we will block them off as long as they are not already booked. Please note, we do not cover cleanings for non-paying guests since cleaning fees are normally collected from guests at the time of booking. We are still happy to coordinate cleanings during or after their stay but the fee will be charged to the owner's account. To reserve your dates, contact your assigned property manager or email the dates with the property address to
  • How much is the cleaning fee?
    Guests pay for cleaning so you won't see this deducted on your owner statement. However, if you or personal guests of yours (who you do not ask to pay) stay in the property, the fees will be as follows: $125 for Studio and $150 1BR. This includes laundry. We add $25 for each additional bedroom. For example, a 4 bedroom property will be $225. Additional charges may apply due to excessive trash or debris. Trip fees may also apply if the property is not vacated in time resulting in the cleaning crew having to return.
  • I want to acquire more short term rental properties, can you help me?
    If you are looking to purchase property, we don't offer brokerage services at this time but we do provide free consulting services, if you are a current client. Just let us know about the properties you are interested in and we are happy to help you determine if it has the potential to be a successful vacation rental including verifying the STR laws that may affect those properties. We can also give you a comparison to determine which one(s) has the most potential to maximize your ROI. Additionally, our team has extensive experience with renovation/project management (for an additional fee) should you need these services as well. If you are interested in rental arbitrage (this is a method where you lease a property and sublease as a STR), we can help you with locating properties that allow this and entering in a contract with them. Some landlords are still weary about doing this but having a professional management company back you up, can help them take you seriously. We will also conduct a market analysis and cash flow estimate to determine the profitability of the properties you are interested in.
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